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Basic Application-Standard Reporting

The "Standard Reporting" module has built in more than 70 commonly used HR management reporting forms covering: Organization, Personnel, Compensation, Attendance, Overtime, Leave, Performance, Recruitment, Cost Allocation, Budget, and Reimbursement, including:

 Personnel – Employee Personnel Record – Employee Statistics
 Personnel – Change of Employee Details – Employee Data Changes
• Personnel – Employee Management – Details of Employees Joining or Leaving the Company
• Leave – Record of Leave Details
 Leave – Leave Record – Balance of Leave
• Payroll – Current Period's Payroll Report – Current
• Payroll – Period's Payroll Details
• Payroll – Current Period's Payroll Report – Details and Statistics by Cost Centre of Current Period
• Payroll – Current Period's Payroll Report – Differences in Payroll Between Current Month and Previous Month
• Payroll – Current Period's Payroll Report – Composition of Employees' Annual Payroll
• Payroll – Tax Management – Individual Income Tax Declaration
• Payroll – Past Payroll Record – Historical Payroll Details
• Payroll – Past Payroll Records – CNY120,000 Annual Income Declaration
• Statistical Report – New Appointments and Departures – Employee Turnover Rate Statistics 


Explanation of functions in the Standard Reporting module

• Flexible export of reports in various formats
• Users can customize report data source, and flexibly set classifications, summations, etc., and support various data disclosure modes.
• Support aesthetic or intuitive graphical presentation of various data